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We Buy Houses Roanoke Homeowners Need to Sell Fast

we buy houses Roanoke

Are you looking to move home?

Perhaps you are relocating for work or you want to downsize now the kids have moved out. Alternatively, it could be that you have inherited a house through probate and would like to sell it.

We buy houses Roanoke homeowners need to sell, and we make the purchase quickly and smoothly.

We buy Houses Roanoke Families Need to Sell Fast

The old model of listing your house on the market, waiting for viewings and dealing with an estate agent is slow, stressful and frustrating.

There is always the risk that the ‘chain’ will get broken and that the process of selling your property and unlocking the equity in it to buy a new home or pay for other expenses could drag on for months or even, in some cases, years.

We offer a much more efficient way of doing things. We can help you to unlock the equity in your property in a matter of weeks, or in some cases even days.

We buy houses Roanoke property owners are looking to sell, and we do so for cash. We are not an estate agent. We are a team of buyers and we have the funds required to complete purchases promptly.


How it Works

If you want to sell your home for cash, all you need to do is contact us. We will take some information about your property and give you an indicative offer based on the area, the size of the property and the value of other properties in the area.

From there, if you are interested in getting a formal offer, you can arrange a viewing of your property. One of our surveyors will come out and look at your home, and will then make a formal offer.

This offer may be higher or lower than the price you were given over the phone, because it is based on the state of the property as it is right now. You don’t have to worry about doing the property up.

We will make an offer that we feel is fair based on the market rate for your property in the condition that it is in. The price that we quote is the price that we will pay you for the property.


We make just one visit, and we don’t put up any “For Sale” signs or do any local advertising, so people won’t need to know that your home is for sale. You are under no obligation to accept the offer.

If you do accept it, then we will transfer the cash to you promptly. No waiting around for other offers to be confirmed, or hoping that a provisionally approved mortgage comes through.

The cash is transferred to you and could be in your bank account as quickly as the next working day.


we buy houses in Roanoke

Your Home Sold, Discretely

We have worked with a huge number of Roanoke homeowners. We understand that there are many different reasons that someone might want to sell their property.

From probate to pre-foreclosure, we will work with anyone who owns their home, and will consider properties in any condition. If you need a fast sale for any reason, then be sure to mention that when you call us.

While we always try to work promptly and efficiently, we will make a particular effort to accommodate your schedule if we know that you have a deadline coming up.

We cannot always guarantee a faster sale but we will communicate with you clearly and carefully and do our best to help you. In some cases, we can help people to stay in their homes as a renter after the purchase has been completed.

Again, if you let our team know then they will try to match you with one of our buyers that can offer that option. Many of our team are landlords who are looking for properties to let out to tenants, so they would be happy to work with your family while you are going through that sort of transitional phase.

We take pride in helping people to unlock the value of their homes, and in working with homeowners to take the stress out of having a home on the market.

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